Influencer Marketing: The Marketing of the Future

Influencer marketing is the newest way people are getting the word out about their brands. In 2021, people are spending a lot of time on their phones, so it makes plenty of sense as to why so many brands are increasing their budget to include influencer marketing.

Later’s 8 Influencer Marketing Trends

According to Lexie Carbone from Later, video content is and will continue to be king when it comes to the influencer marketing realm. It is important, even for Youtubers whose whole content is video, to take advantage of things like Tik Tok and Instagram Reels.

The second thing Lexie from Later touched on was focusing on Diversity and Inclusion in your content. In 2020 we saw a surge in many brands and companies being held accountable for not having more representation of different races, cultures, etc.

And one other thing that Lexie mentions is content creators creating deeper connections with viewers and value driven content. People want to connect with content creators and feel as if they know them. People also want to gain something from watching videos as well. Creating value for your viewers is an extremely important part of content in this day and age.

After touching on all these things, I wanted to speak on a creator I feel takes all of these points into account when creating her content. Elena Taber is a Youtuber who has been creating travel, finance, and lifestyle vlogs for the past six years.

Her videos that helped her take off were her travel vlogs, which introduced her viewers to places like Havana, Seoul, Budapest, and much more. She states that she grew up living in different cultures with parents from different countries and she believes she wouldn’t be who she is without being introduced to these different cultures.

Over the past few years, she has increased her videos teaching her viewers how to be financially stable and successful. She believes that helping people invest in their futures will only continue to make the world a better place.\

Array of videos on Elena Taber’s Youtube

Her most recent videos have been “Beyond Your Block” which focuses on seeing the world through NYC. Since we aren’t able to travel at the moment, she felt it could be beneficial for her viewers to see the diverse cultures that reside right inside of New York. She knows that New York City is extremely diverse, and she teams up with locals to show vastly underappreciated areas of New York. So far, she has visited Chinatown and Jackson Heights.

When choosing a brand for her to partner with, my first thought was something that was NYC based. She is someone who loves the city, and it is an integral part of her channel and following. The first company that came to mind was StreetEasy. As someone who is thinking about making the big move to New York City, StreetEasy has become my best friend.

StreetEasy, owned by Zillow, is New York City’s leading real estate marketplace for both sales and rentals. StreetEasy has been around for over a decade and is an extremely trusted way to look at the real estate market in New York City. Something else I really appreciate about StreetEasy is how consistent they are with their social media. They have kept up with the trends via Tik Tok and Instagram and have really integrated video into their social media strategy.

StreetEasy Social Media

I would love to see Elena Taber partner with StreetEasy for one of her “Beyond Your Block” videos. When you think about living in New York City, you think about living in the East Village or the Upper East Side, but how awesome would it be for one of videos to be focused on showing apartments that are in areas not as well known. I think this would be a really interesting partnership and would hope she could do it tastefully and without encouraging the gentrification of certain areas.



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