Promoting a Facebook Group in TikTok

Kaitlin Sweyer
2 min readOct 24, 2021
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When deciding on the Facebook group I wanted to create, I made my final decision due to an overwhelming amount of people posting on TikTok about living alone. A lot of girls my age were sharing on TikTok that it was hard for them to get used to living alone and especially living alone in New York City. I absolutely related to what these girls were posting about and felt that it definitely was difficult to make friends and connections while living alone. It can be lonely not to have a built-in friend like a roommate when you move to a new city.

I decided to share about my group on TikTok since that was where I got my original idea. I ended up going outside while I was walking down the street to make it clear that I was living in New York City. I tried to make it really welcoming by telling people why I was making the Facebook group and what I hoped it would accomplish and what people would get out of joining the Facebook group. I shared an actual photo of the group and the group name so that people would be able to see what they should be looking for when they get search on Facebook. I used the hashtags #nyc #newyorkcity #nycapartment #nycgirls and #nyclife.

Overall, the TikTok did not seem to reach as many people as I had hoped. It ended up getting 24 likes, 3 comments, and 219 views. I will say we ended up getting 5 new members that said that they found the group through TikTok so that is definitely a win. If I could add something else to this TikTok, I would have added trending music to it as well so that it could have reached more people. I plan to post another TikTok in the future and hope even more girls my age will be able to find the group and benefit from it. Unless I posted a static Instagram post, I do think TikTok will continue to be the best way to reach my target audience instead of stories and snapchat.