Using User-Generated Content Within Facebook Groups

Kaitlin Sweyer
3 min readNov 27, 2021


What is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content has become an absolute must when using social media as a marketing tool. User-generated content is exactly what it sounds like. It is content created by customers and users that can then be repurposed by brands when promoting online. Not only is user-generated content easy and affordable to use, but it also drives a large amount of brand trust and boosts engagement.

What are the main reasons to use User-generated content?

There are so many reasons to use user-generated content when promoting a product. It is actually one of the most beneficial types of social media assets to post by brands.

1) It is quick and saves social media managers time. From a back-end perspective, User-Generated Content is probably the easiest asset for a social media manager to post. You need to obtain permission, but once you do you simply repost that content. No graphic design skills needed when it comes to User-Generated Content.

2) Creates audience trust. By using other people’s posts, you are building credibility for your product or service. When User-Generated Content is used, people know that they can trust the product if another person posts about enjoying it. I know that I am much quicker to purchase things if I know people outside of the company promoting it use

3) Positively influences purchase decision. Did you know that 76% of people state that they are more likely to buy from the brands that feature user-generated content in their Facebook posts? Well, it’s the truth!

Using User-Generated Content in a Facebook group

You may be wondering why you would want to use user-generated content in a Facebook group. Especially a closed Facebook group.

Off the bat, asking people and then using that user-generated content creates a sense of community and makes the members of your Facebook group feel important and involved. The main goal of a Facebook group is to create an engaged community with the members and by encouraging posting of photos and then using them in the future would only continue to create that feeling.

You can also use a hashtag that people can use to post certain photos if you are holding a photo competition. This can be super beneficial if the photo competition is held publicly outside of the private Facebook group because people can follow the hashtag and will gain interest in possibly joining the Facebook group.

User-Generated Content in Living Solo in NYC

If I was to use User-Generated Content within my group, I would most likely use the idea of a photo competition. Since my Facebook group has to do with women living on their own in NYC, I would want to really utilize aesthetic locations or popular spaces in New York City in my photo competition.

An example could be a photo competition for favorite iconic spots to visit in New York City. We could utilize the hashtag #MyNYCFavs. We could encourage people to post within the group and get double points for posting outside of the Facebook group to encourage other people to join as well. The winner could then get a gift card to a popular restaurant in New York City. The photos could then be used again in the future when posting about certain areas or activities in the city.

In the end, user-generated content is a hugely important aspect of social media nowadays. It creates community and emphasizes brand trust. User-generated content can also be used on all different types of platforms.

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